Servers & Cloud Services


Network Planet's Server Deployment Strategy:


In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, computer server installation and cloud services have become
integral components for businesses and individuals alike. The seamless integration of these technologies
empowers organizations to scale, secure, and streamline their operations while reducing costs

We deploy both Hardware & Virtual Servers:
• Hardware servers are physical machines dedicated to running server software.
• Virtual servers are software-based and run multiple server instances on a single physical server,
increasing efficiency and reducing hardware costs. The technologies we deploy are both VMWARE and Hyper-V

Key benefits of contacting Network Planet to deploy your Server_Cloud infrastructure and system integration
are improved productivity and efficiency. By integrating different systems, organizations can eliminate redundant
and time- consuming manual processes, and automate tasks that were previously performed manually.

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Our Cloud Services:


Network Planet's Cloud Strategy:

Network Planet Ltd as part of our core business focus; robust cloud services deployment which affordes organisations
seamless communication access to resources across their business. Cloud services have revolutionized the way
businesses and individuals leverage computing resources. Instead of owning and maintaining physical servers,
users can access a vast array of services and resources hosted in remote data centers. Cloud services are typically
provided through a pay-as- you-go model, offering flexibility and scalability.

Our Cloud Strategic Partners are

• Amazon Web Services (AWS),
• Microsoft Azure,
• Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and
• IBM Cloud

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